Malpensa Terminal 2

The terminal building has two floors: Ground and First floor. It is only used by EasyJet.


Ground floor

It has some stores (electronics, clothing, accessories, magazines, souvenirs), and some bars.


It offers the followings services: Ground Transportation access (bus, shuttle buses, car rental), ATMs, Airport Healthcare, Banks, Currency Exchange, Tax Refund, Lost and Found, Nursery Room, Sala Amica, Police, TOTEM, Restrooms and VIP Lounges, among others.


Check-in desks and the Boarding gates: D1-D4, D5, D18, D19, D20, D21, E23-E25, E26-E29, D-E22.


First Level

It has various shops (electronics, fashion, beauty and gourmets products), and some snack bars.

There is a nursery room.


Boarding gates: D7-D16.

Parking close to Terminal 2 of Malpensa airport: Parking P5.