Malpensa Terminal 1

Malpensa Terminal 1 has an overall area of 350,000 square meters, counting with 90 boarding gates, 270 check-in counters, including self-check-in kiosks, and 41 loading bridges.


The Terminal is able to host up to 30 million passengers a year.


Charter flight services operate from this terminal.



Transfer between terminals

Inter-terminal transfer is done by the free shuttle service which connects Terminal 1 with Terminal 2. Opening hours: 24 hours. Frequency is of 7 minutes, while night frequency is about 30 minutes (from 22:45 pm to 05:15 am). Total trip time is 15 minutes.




The terminal building has 4 floors: Ground Floor and 1st, 2nd and 3th floor.

See described below the available floors at Malpensa Terminal 1:


Ground Floor

This is the Arrivals level, housing baggage claim and customs.

There are various bars and a restaurants and some stores.


Other services: ATMs, Chapel, Check in counters, Custom, Information Point, Currency exchange and Tax Refund, Nursery, TOTEM, Restrooms, VIP Lounges, among others.


Boarding gates: A24-A26, A32-A39, A50-A53, A55-A57, A59-A61, B26-B33.


1st Floor

This is the transportation level. It has access to the ground transportation: Bus and Shuttle Bus, Car rental, Taxis, Train, Parking Lots.

It has various snack bars, a Duty Free stores, and various shops (electronics, fashion, accessories, beauty, food, etc.).

Other services provided: Currency Exchange, Tax Refund, Pharmacy, Nursery, Information Desk, Restrooms, Transit Desk, VIP Lounges.

Boarding gates at 1st Floor: A1-A10, B1-B10, B50-B59.


2nd Floor

This is the Departures level, Check-in and boarding area, including ticketing desks, passport control desks and access to the departure gates.

The security check in this level handle both Schengen and non-Schengen passengers. Access to the boarding gates is done by a glass staircase, leading to a duty-free and boarding area.

It has one store and one restaurant.

Other services provided at the second floor: ATMs, Chappel, Custom, Information Point, Fast Track, Currency Exchange, Tax Refund, Nursery assistance, Parking lot access, Sala Amica, TOTEM, VIP Lounges, among others.


3rd Floor

In this level the are a couple of restaurants, being just a service level.

There is also a children’s play area.

On the top of the building there are Departures - Remote Gates: B18-B23.




At Malpensa Airport Terminal 1 there are 4 concourses:

- Terminal 1A: handles domestic and Schengen flights.

- Terminal 1B: handles some intercontinental and non-Schengen flights.

- Terminal 1C: as concourse B, handles intercontinental and non-Schengen flights.




See attached the airlines serving Malpensa Terminal 1.



Airport lounges

Malpensa Airport Terminal 1 hosts SEA Club Lounges. See attached the available lounges:

- Sala Monteverdi: Location: Gate section A (Schengen area)

- Sala Pergolesi: Location: Gate section B (Schengen area)

- Sala Montale: Location: Level 1, boarding B (non-Schengen area)

- Sala Respighi: Location: Level 2, Departures

Airline VIP lounges: Alitalia, British Airways, Emirates and Skyteam lounges. Location: Level 1.

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Railway, Hotel and Parking

Terminal 1 has access to the Railway station, the Sheraton Hotel and the Parking Lots: P1 Long-Term, P2 Executive, P3 Express, P4 Holiday.