Milan Malpensa Airport Informational Guide to Malpensa Airport (MXP) - NON OFFICIAL

Malpensa Terminal 1

Malpensa Terminal 1 handles most of the flights in Malpensa Airport, operating both international and domestic services, including charter flights.

It has an overall area of 350,000 square meters with 90 boarding gates, 270 check-in counters, including self-check-in kiosks and 41 loading bridges and is able to host up to 30 million passengers a year.


Malpensa Terminal 1 building has four levels:

Underground Floor

Find in this level car rental partners, a supermarket, a café and Malpensa Express Train Station.
Access to Sheraton Hotel is done through this level.

Ground Floor

This is the Arrivals level, housing baggage claim and customs.
There are various bars and a restaurants and some stores: ATMs, customs, information point, currency exchange and tax Refund, nursery, TOTEM, restrooms, among others.

Arrival gates: A24-A30, A50-A53, A56-A57, A58-A61, B27-B34.
Find in this level access to the ground transportation options such as bus and shuttle bus, taxis and also access to the parking lots. Please note access to train is from level -1.

First Floor

This is the Departures level and boarding area, including passport control desks and access to the departure gates. Access to the boarding gates is done by a glass staircase, leading to a duty-free and boarding area.

Boarding area for A Satellite with gates A01-A10, and boarding area for both B1 Satellite with gates B01-B10 and B2 Satellite with gates B50-B59.

Services: ATMs, information point, fast track, currency exchange, tax refund, pharmacy, nursery, Sala Amica and some VIP lounges too.

Second Floor

This is the check-in level. The security check in this level handles both Schengen and non-Schengen passengers.

Services: Restrooms, ticket offices, baby care facilities, baggage storage, fast track service, information desk, chapel, tour operator, food, drink and retail concessions.

VIP lounges are also available in this level.

Third Floor

Find in this level a couple of cafés and restaurants.


At Malpensa Airport Terminal 1 there are four concourses:

Terminal 1A

Concourse A has gates A01-A10 and handles domestic and Schengen flights.

Terminal 1B

Concourse B1 has gates B01-B10 and Concourse B2 has gates B50-B59, both handle some intercontinental and non-Schengen flights.

Terminal 1C

Concourse C handles intercontinental and non-Schengen flights.

Transfer between terminals

There are a couple of ways to transfer between terminals at Milan Malpensa Airport:

Shuttle Service

Transfer between terminals by the 24-hour free shuttle service within 15 minutes.


Buses run on daytime (06:00 am to 11:00 pm) every 7 minutes, whilst at night (11:00 pm to 06:00 am) every 30 minutes.


See the bus stop location at Malpensa Terminals:

- Terminal 1: Facing Sheraton Hotel.
- Terminal 2: At the sidewalk facing Arrivals exit.

Malpensa Express Train

There’s railway connection between terminals on a daily basis, from 04:27 am to 00:20 am. To use the service, passengers need to have a valid ticket issued from any of the Malpensa terminals.


- Terminal 1: Train station is located at -1 floor (underground floor). Ticket office is open daily 06:15 am to 09:20 pm.
- Terminal 2: Train station is located at -1 floor and is linked to Terminal 2 by a pedestrian walkway. Ticket office is open daily 08:30 am to 11:00 pm.


- Free Wi-Fi
- Post office
- Baby care facilities
- Children’s play area
- Family services
- Food, drink and retail concessions
- Grocery store
- Luggage storage and lockers
- Luggage wrapping
- Medical services
- Pharmacy
- Mobile chargers
- ATMs
- Banks
- Currency exchange
- Chapel
- Duty free stores

See more Services here

Airport hotel

Malpensa Terminal 1 is home of Sheraton Milan Malpensa Hotel.

It offers hourly rooms and also it is up for overnight stays.

There’s a free shuttle between the hotel and Terminal 2.


Club S.E.A. Sala Montale: Terminal 1. Open from 6:00am to 10:00pm. Services: snacks, drinks, newspapers and magazines, among others. 

Club S.E.A. Sala Monteverdi: Terminal 1. Open from 6:00am to 9:30pm. Services: snacks, Wi-Fi, newspapers and magazines, drinks, among others. 

Lufthansa Lounge: Terminal 1. Open from 4:30am to 9:30pm. Services: premium food, drinks, flight monitors, snacks, among others. 

The Emirates Lounge: Terminal 1. Open from 11:30am to 4:00pm. Services: showers, snacks, drinks, among others.